Danesi Caffè is a Roman company founded in 1905 by Alfredo Danesi, a connoisseur and preserver of secret blends, amongst the first to publicise the culture and consumption of traditional espresso coffee in Italy’s capital city at the beginning of the last century.


Starting in 1933, son Giovanni carried on his father’s work, promoting company growth and developing sales, strongly addressed to specialisation in the public business sector (Ho.Re.Ca. channel)
The first office abroad was inaugurated in 1973. Products began being exported and over the years the company started working in more than 50 countries worldwide.

In 1990, after working in the company with their father Giovanni for thirty years, brothers Alfredo and Roberto continued working in the tradition while at the same time giving a more industrial, modern character to company management. The fourth generation is actively collaborating in the family company, with special attention to its structural reorganisation with a view to greater flexibility in the operational sectors.

For more than one hundred years the Danesi mark has meant defence of quality, respect for tradition and a great ability to adapt to a fully expanding market.

This is why we can speak of “coffee culture” today. A culture made of experience and technique. Noble knowledge, based on the knowledge and respect for nature, through the most innovative production technologies.
In the viewpoint of a market increasingly oriented to environmental topics, Danesi Caffè has been concerned with environment protection for quite some time, adopting productive and behavioural techniques that reduce impact.

From this point of view, the company promotes R&D projects for biodegradable packing materials.
Selection, blending, toasting, grinding - all archaic, fundamental gestures handed down through time – achieve high control levels through refined systems.
The toasting process uses mixed techniques of convection and heat conduction. The roasting process involves slow, gradual timing.

The result is unique, just as the Danesi Caffè profile is unique. Far from media outcry, the company has always worked towards a dream: offer the consumer the aroma of quality.


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U okviru Rado Group-a posluju Rado-Sun DOO, Sport Land Rado i Villa Rado. Danas, dok smo u velikom usponu i dalje se trudimo da sve više ljudi upozna kvalitet usluga i proizvoda koje nudimo.




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