Caffe Guglielmo


In nature we have are more than 80 different species of coffee, but only four are used to be marketed.

Caffe Guglielmo

Coffea Arabica

Is the best-quality coffee, probably originated in Ethiopia, this kind of coffee has a low content of caffeine and that is produced worldwide. Is grown mainly in South America but also in Asia and Africa. Among the best known variety we find: Moka, Bourbon, Maragogype, Caturla, Mundo Novo, Nacional.

Coffea Canephora

Also known as Robusta is the original central Africa coffee; is just below the quality Arabica, but grows faster and contain more caffeine. This quality makes up a quarter of the entire world coffee production.

Coffea Liberica

From the forests of Costa d'oro, grows in tropical and subtropical zones, but due to variability of the quality the production is grown increasingly rare.

Coffea Eccelsa

This species has a performance very variable so it's more diffucult to commercialize; looks very similar to Robusta for its seeds and size and to Liberica for leaves and growth.

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ithin the Rado Group's we have Rado-Sun LLC and Sport Land. Today, while we are on the rise we continue to strive that more and more people know the quality of services and products we offer.




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